School Project with Grace Fellowship (Week One)

Ensure the “God is Love” school building in Cartagena is ready for the 2023 school year, so that the students can start the school year feeling proud of their school […]

School Project with Grace Fellowship (Week Two)

This week, staff and children will return to the school and we will welcome them into their new school year. We will continue with the practical work from Week One, […]

Vision Trip

This trip is structured for prospective partners in ministry. Come and visit Conviventia’s HQ in Bogota and some of the projects we are running in different areas of Colombia, to […]

Resource Building and Practical Ministry Trip (Cartagena)

This trip focuses on supporting the Cartagena God is Love school with education activities and programs with the students, after-school clubs, and maintenance and projects to support the school infrastructure. […]

Sugarcreek Baptist Church Trip (Musichi in Guajira, Colombia)

Focused on church building, evangelism, and discipleship in the highly vulnerable community of Musichi in Colombia’s Guajira region, mainly populated by Venezuelan refugee and indigenous groups.   Please contact Joe […]

Sugarcreek Baptist Church Family Trip (Bogota)

This is a family trip with an emphasis on youth leadership skills and practical training in business employment skills.   Please contact Shoby John, or click here, for more information: […]

Medical Missions Trip (Bogota, Colombia)

This is a family trip, focusing on medical missions and evangelism. We will minister to all ages. Come to love, serve and bless the precious people of Colombia’s capital city. […]

Ministry and Missions Trip (Cartagena)

This trip will be led by Tim Homa from Sugarcreek Baptist Church (SCBC) and will be focused on evangelism at Conviventia’s projects and across the streets of Cartagena. We will […]

Resource Building Trip (Bogota, Colombia)

This trip developed and now annually delivers the Proyecto de Vida camp for the 11th Graders of the Lucero Alto School in Bogota. The camp is a two-day experience, giving students […]